Strengthen our sense of the Common Good in order to transform our being and doing incommunities. To revive and reawaken the principles and values in favour of the common good in young people and adults through reflection and action in their social and community context.To strengthen our different forms of organization and experiences of individual and collective working, that are expressed in productive, cultural, environmental, artistic, social and other types of projects and initiatives. Also, to generate spaces of knowledge for the construction of the common good. Finally, to promote the interexchange and ties of work between youth and adults of distinct communities. distintas comunidades.

To Kindle and rekindle principles and values
To strengthen different forms of organizations
To generate spaces of knowledge and awareness
To promote exchanges


It consist of collective meetings taht revolves about a central topic. The main themes of the meetings are articulated on:

1.My person, 2. Our nourishment, 3. Ehibition of comunity communication 4. Social and community advancement, 5. Our collectivity and community, 6. Our territory

At the end of the formative process, the participants carry out one or various community actions, framed as community initiatives that contribute to the common good. The design of the facilitation of the themes and exercises focus on: Gender, interculturalism, common good, and intergenerationalism. They incorporate tools of communication and the intentional use of the TICS, which is a useful element in order to share awareness, experiences, and actions that are carried out in each community.

Including Adolescents and Adults....

With principles, values, and a vision of the common good that strengthens their identity and their sense of community.

With abilities and skills that permit them to encourage and develop initiatives and actions for the good of the community.

With giving significance to territory as a means of livelihood in terms of collective lifeand tools for their defence, care and conservation.

With respect and awareness for the other. To promote the dialogue and participation of different people in the community.

With the strengthening of people as promoters and facilitators that accompany the processes of social transformation in their communities.

With practice tools in order to share their actions and experiences towards the common good.

With self-knowledge and identity in order to generate awareness that they can promote and provoke change within themselves and others.

With a critical look into the food system that contributes to the valuing of local food in order to change daily practices in eating habits.

With recognition and strengthening of the different forms of community and organization that exist in their communities, acquiring new tools for their own collective processes, and valuing what this contributes to the common good.


The School for the Common Good has been carried out throughout the entire state of Oaxaca, before it was called to all the regions. In 2014, we started with the regions of the Sierra Norte, and Valles Centrales. Then in 2018, we started the School for the Common Good in the Mixteca region. We have then carried out collective meetings and in 2019 participants are starting to carry out actions in their communities.

and what's the "Common Good" to you?