Saúl Fuentes Olivares


Originally from the Federal District, I have lived since 2000 in Oaxaca, where I have discovered myself as the father of two women and, transformed without rest into fatherhood. I discovered and became more aware of diverse inequities and injustices. The common life in this common world that we share, is what has moved me to live with the companions of IDEAS Comunitarias. The experience of building ourselves in the gaps of hope that we find together and that we hope will give us moments of happiness to all.

Thus, learning by unlearning, I cannot say with certainty who I am, but I represent myself in a constant question of myself, of my being to procure us among all.

Yliana Delfí­n Fuentes

Facilitator of training processes

I have experience in the accompaniment and strengthening of organizations, collectives and groups in rural and indigenous areas and in the construction of training processes for youth and adults in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.  

Since 2007, I am an associate of IDEAS Comunitarias and I have participated in the construction, management and coordination of their projects. From this space we promote the SCHOOL FOR THE COMMON GOOD, convinced of the relevance and strength of the formative processes and the collective actions of young people and adults to generate changes towards the Common Good.

From 2011 to date, as part of the bees team of ECOSUR-Chiapas, I have built and coordinated training processes to strengthen organizations of small beekeepers in southeastern Mexico and Central America, to strengthen young children of beekeepers, and so that together we broaden the view of beekeeping towards the agro-ecological path.

We build the Common Good together, to be happy!!

Laura Escobar Colmenares

Gender Educator

I'm Oaxacan, I grew up here and I like living here. I believe in collectivity and the possibility of different worlds. With specialized studies in agroecology, education and youth, I have experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of training processes and capacity building with participatory methodologies in the rural sector as well as with civil organizations.

I'm a faciliator of workshops, mainly with young people on different topics, , among which are community promotion, management, positive conflict resolution, tools for facilitation, organized common work, community bonding and cohesion.


Tsaani Villasante Barahona

School for the Common Good Coordinator

I am a woman and oaxaqueña. I like to walk, eat, weave, emborider, read, take pictures and get to know different realities.

As far as I can remember, my steps has always been guided by the search of social justice, by commitment and by the desire to generate changes that will lead us towards a common good.

In the search for that path that would direct my desires, I studied ethnology, where I discovered my taste for community work. From then on, I approached processes of community education and began to be passionate about the textile work of women artisans. I volunteered to work with people in extreme poverty. I have participated in processes of strengthening languages and cultures in the state of Oaxaca and in research on craft and design processes.

Since 2015, I colaborate with IDEAS Comunitarias, where I have found a path that I always wanted to go. Currently I am the facilitator of the School for the Common Good in the Central Valleys.


Dania miranda ruiz


I'm a woman, originally from the Federal District with some years living in Oaxaca. I really enjoy being in touch with nature, getting to know new places, people, cultures and coffee. It makes me happy to know that I'm in a constant attempt to make this a better place to live, I firmly believe that with our small actions we can change the world.

Academic background: restorer of forest ecosystems; however, my experience is in the development of production processes with coffee growers and in the design, implementation and evaluation of community promotion projects in the rural sector. During my stay in Oaxaca, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with different social organizations, sharing experiences, knowledge, and ways of relating, as well as discovering the processes of popular and peasant education.

The latter is what brought me closer to Community IDEAS, and I am currently a promoter of the School for the Common Good in the Mixteca.


Angelina Clara Ruf


I am a young woman from Berlin, I am working in IDEAS Comunitarias and I believe that life in common good is a very beneficial way for everyone. I like to know more about this subject because normally this way of living hardly exists in Berlin or Germany in general. I love drawing, good food, walking and learning new things. I am very happy to be here in Oaxaca!