Building equal relationships between men and women, promoting the exercise and usage of women's rights, supporting in raising awareness, sensitivity, and prevention of gender violance.

more equal relationships
women's rights
prevention of gender violence

Who can attend?

It is especially meant for both women and girls, from rural as well as urban areas. In some cases, men and boys were also integrated.

What does it consist of?

Sensitization and formation workshops about gender and human rights. Women of different generations, share their experiences about their process of developing identity, self-knowledge, sense of self-esteem and rights.

Art Workshops: drawing, painting and photography. Participants experiment with different forms of telling a story through pictures and voices, as well as self image practices. They choose the setting, scenario, cloth and further accessories that takes into consideration everything they want to express via photographs and audios in order to create narrative audiovisuales. Women produce audios in different formats such as testimonials, spots and capsules. There were radio programmes that were published on the internet on the Radioteca platform including the production of short audiovisuales.

Audiovisual exhibitions: The materials generated by the participants are displayed in the exhibition called "Women Creating Other Possible Stories", which is exhibited in the participating communities.

Conversations: The process that already exists within women provides the guideline to make conversations about the importance of gender construction in women's identity processes. This includes the possibility of telling stories supported by different tools, from writing to photography as a powerful way to generate spaces for women and collective creation.

The workshops provide an opportunity to reflect on gender equity, as well as to look and listen to a life free of stereotypes and violence. The project has helped women to carry out exercises in self-knowledge, self-perception and self-recognition, as keys to strengthening self-esteem and reflecting on the present and future for themselves and the women around them.




Throughout these two years of collaborative work, 300 women and 160 men have participated in various actions of community projects in the central valleys and the upper mixtec region of oaxaca.


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