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Community Iniciatives ebc Mixtec region

During the formative process the challenge is to work on the “being” of each participant and the group, whereas during the community initiatives the challenge is to work on the “doing”, which constitutes the contribution to the common good.

Implementing these Initiatives – organized by participants of the ebc – forms part of their learning process which aims to give them confidence and new skills through practical work in community promotion.

Activities carried out during the practical part of the Initiatives led to new ideas for working in collective settings, broadened linkages with other actors and have provoked further interest among participants in the workshops and those who benefitted from the initiatives. Approaching elementary schools of the region was also an important accomplishment for the participants.

Furthermore, the connection created between participants has been important for future collaboration and has already led them to support each other´s Initiatives by working together. Let’s protect this kind of attitude, because above all the work that we suggest, the fact that the participants work and show solidarity among each other without our help or organisation, is an extremely invaluable experience.

A few of the developed initiatives are:

  • Strengthening of knowledge and construction of collective actions to the gender violence alert – Place: Tlaxiaco
  • Seeding red fruits and rescue of the community market of Santa María Cuquila – Place: Santa María Cuquila
  • “Vivero Esperanza”, rescue of local trees – Place: Constancia del Rosario, Putla
  • Local medicinal plants – Place: San Cristóbal Amoltepec
  • Recovering health from the backyard of my house – Place: La Purísima, Tlaxiaco
  • Rescue and Innovation of textiles – Place: Agua Zarca, Tlaxiaco
  • Passionfruit production – Place: San Miguel El Progreso
  • “Nuevo Amanecer”, Kindergarden – Place: San Miguel El Grande
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